Consultants Network
. It provides resources for seminars and international forums
. It contributes to planning the program based on current research in the field of "lifelong learning"
. Organization of meetings : seminars, forums
. Clarifying the concept of "Lifelong learning"
. Building a stable and plural partnership
. Communicating more efficently

Excutive Committee
Identity card
*President: Yves Attou
*Vice-President: Evelyne Deret
*Vice-President: Martine Souweine
*Vice-President: Alexandre Ginoyer
*Secretary-general: Pierre Landry
*Treasurer, Révelyne Chabrun

Our partners
*AFPA - National Association for Adult Vocational Training
*AFREF - French Association of Reflection and Exchange on Training
*AEEF - Europe Education Training Agency
*Bongrain - One of the top transformers of milk in Europe and worldwide
*Café pédagogique - Educational Breakthroughs on the Internet
*CEDEFOP - European Centre for the development of Vocational Training
*Centre-INFFO - French National Centre for information on lifelong vocational training
*CIEA - International Council for Adult Education
*CEAAL - The Latin American Adult Education Council
*Chinese Agency for Education Development Strategy (Chinese Government)
*CNAM - National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts
*CNED - National Distance Education Centre
*CNFPT - National Territorial Civil Service Centre
*CPMD - Employers’ Federation of Teaching Aids
*Danone - French Food-Processing Conglomerate
*EC - European Commission
*French National Commission for UNESCO
*Ile de France Regional Council
*E2C - Second chance Schools
*FEDE - European Federation of Schools
*FORMASUP - Le portail de la formation à distance: enseignement supérieur
*GARF - Training Actors Organizationn
*GDF-Suez - Gaz de France Suez
*GEHFA - Study group – Training History
*Institut Confiances
*Ligue de l'enseignement - Mouvement d’éducation populaire
*MAIF - Mutual Benefit Insurance Company of French Teachers
*MAE - Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
*MESR - Ministry of Higher Education and Research
*MEN - Ministry of Education (Department of International Relations)
*MES/DGEFP - Ministry of Employment and Health–State organization for Employment and Vocational Training
*Opcalia - Accredited Collection Training Organism
*Solidarité laique - Humanitarian Association of Secular Solidarity
*The City of Paris
*THOT Cursus - Digital Culture and Training
*TTNET - Training for Trainers Network
*University of Paris-Dauphine - Continuing Education
*UIL - UNESCO Institute for Lifelong learning
*Veolia Environnement - Water, cleanliness, energy, transportation